Be Photographed Like Your Favourite Celebrities

with Your Very Own Korean Pre-Wedding Shoot


For those who follow K-pop culture closely or who have visited South Korea in the past, it’s hard not to get swept up in its distinct fashion and culture.

Korean-style weddings, for example, are a huge trend now among pre-wedding couples. Besides the novelty of gorgeous, eye-stopping scenery and beautifully natural styles and themes, many pre-weddings couples opt for beauty salons and bridal gown dressers who have actually served Korean celebs in the past.

Studio Wonkyu is based in Korea, partnering with celebrity-visited beauty salons Soonsoo and Jenny House, along with premier bridal-gown designer Rosa Sposa in order to bring the Korean celebrity experience to life for customers who select these special-made packages.

The studio’s top clientele include Choi Yoon Young, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, and popular Korean-groups Exo, Boyfriend, and Sistar. The very same photographers directing and shooting the photos for these and other top celebrities are now available on-demand for various pre-wedding shots in various themes, styles and backgrounds. For many couples, being treated like a celebrity for a day is an experience that enhances the memories behind the photos that couples will be showcasing on their actual wedding day.

Yet, despite professional photographers and captivating bridal gowns, every couple knows that their pre-wedding photography essentially captures their personality and their uniqueness. Though styled in the theme of popular Korean celebrities’ looks, couples can opt for flexibility and a touch of personalization as they incorporate more of themselves into their pre-wedding photography, showcasing their own creativity in collaboration with top stylists from the area.

In the end, choosing a Korean-style pre-wedding photoshoot is by no means an imitation of someone else’s special memory; it’s a chance to celebrate and solidify your own special day with beautiful photographs that bring out the natural beauty, uniqueness and joy of your story, no matter where you are from.


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