Your Love Story in Pictures: The Perfect Pre-Wedding Korean

Style Photoshoot that Tells Your Story

Pre-wedding photography studios today are all about enhancing the desired style and look of the to-be bride and groom. Every couple has a unique and precious story to tell about how they came together and why they choose not to be apart. Pre-wedding photography studios like Studio Wonkyu Malaysia, based in Korea, lets you memorialize your unique story using the pastel-light, lovable undertones of Korean wedding photography.

In partnership with celebrity-picked Korean beauty salons premier South Korean bridal-dress designers to provide couples with a variety of wardrobes, accessories and makeup looks to suit all kinds of themes and backgrounds.

Speaking of background scenery, time for the fun part: Studio Wonkyu has six different studios across a mix of gorgeous outdoor and indoor locations in South Korea, each sparking different tones and moods that will create the perfect setting for your personalized Korean style pre-wedding shoot. Which setting best matches your story?


Masterpiece Lux studio

This Korean pre-wedding studio offers scenery, sets and props that will take you back to an antique era of luxurious royal houses and ballrooms amidst medieval-age grandeur. It’s a must-have for couples who love history and the classics; the couple whose love story deserves all the grandeur and elegance that royalty has to offer.

Noblesse studio

If you like bright colours and 1960’s-themed American country style backgrounds, Noblesse studio is the one to choose. This one is for those lovable up-beat couples who are lively, sporty and fun; eager to bask in the vintage look of the American 60’s and 70’s era but with the bashful glamour of Korean pre-wedding style.

Difference studio

A little drama and a little romance: that’s the feeling you get when you visit Difference studio; for those couples with a serious side and a softer, romantic side that keeps things in balance. Featuring gentle, pastel colours amidst striking deep tones suggest a wonderful harmony between two different personalities.

Maiden studio

Gorgeous, contemporary cityscapes and modern luxury glamour, Maiden studio is the go-to place for couples who love the rush of the city and the street-side décor. This studio is best known as the fabulous pre-wedding Korean style location for South Korean comedienne and actress, Juri Jung.

Terrace studio

Are you the vintage-loving couple with a taste for fairy-tale, story-book settings? Celebrate your love story using the warm and familiar themes of your childhood fairy-tale fantasies and be your own story-book character for the day with this vintage-style studio.

Soulgraphy studio

A huge favourite, this studio offers striking outdoor sceneries featuring nature’s beauty with a touch of warmth and freshness; ideal for couples who are nature-lovers with a tendency to bask amidst the elements outdoors.


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