The Highlights of a Korean Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
(For the Bride and Groom To-Be)

For many grooms-to-be, the idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot is not as glamourous as it is a tiring, long-drawn process. Despite the long moments of waiting (mainly for your fiancé’s makeup, hair and wardrobe to be perfected), the process doesn’t have to be an unpleasant one, especially if you and your future spouse have chosen a Korean style pre-wedding photoshoot. Here are the perks of following this style of pre-wedding photography, which hopefully will outweigh the inconveniences and stresses along the way.

Beautiful Destinations

South Korea boasts a variety of amazing natural landscapes and scenery that changes in every season, particularly beautiful in spring and autumn. Seoul is home to magnificent ancient palaces and gardens, and Busan offers amazing sea-side views and hillside scenery. Locations may vary depending on your chosen wedding photography studio; but you both will get to treat yourselves on a honey-moon/vacation during or after your photoshoot in order to savour the sights and enhance your pre-wedding memories.

Experienced stylists and photographers to help add variety

It’s not true that the pre-wedding photos are solely the pride of the bride. In Korean pre-wedding photoshoots, you’ll often get to work with highly-talented individuals like celebrity photographers, designers, and stylists who can suggest wonderful recommendations on making the photos lively, attractive and an overall fun experience for both the groom and bride to-be.

Flexibility and Customization

Remember, you’re both the stars of the photoshoot. Your preference is what leads the show. So own it! Interact with each other and with the photographers and stylists. Talk it over in advance and think about what props or costumes you’d like to include in the photoshoot to add a personal, unique touch to the photography. Most studios offering Korean pre-wedding photography styles will suggest that you bring along your own outfits and accessories in addition to what is offered for the shoot. Korean pre-wedding studio Studio Wonkyu, for instance, encourage the groom to bring his own suits and shoes that he is comfortable in, or any clothes that would add variety to the photographs, of course in collaboration with the photographers and consultants.

Remember to look at things positively when you start getting overwhelmed: pre-wedding photography is a celebration of your own story, and you owe it to yourselves to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event with as much glamour, enjoyment and fun as it deserves.


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