A Celebration of Culture, Laughter and Natural Beauty: Why Gen Y

Loves the Korean Pre-Wedding Style

As Korean fashion, entertainment and culture spread across the globe, more and more young couples find themselves swept up in the K-wedding wave. Korean pre-wedding photography studios now offer comprehensive pre-wedding photoshoot packages for couples, accounting for everything from tickets and accommodation to transport and translators.

So why has this particular style of pre-wedding photography caught the eye of so many soon-to-be-married couples? We explore the key highlights of truly Korean-style pre-wedding photography and its biggest perks.


Who of us doesn’t like value-for-money deals? For couples planning a trip to Korea anyway, scheduling a vacation around a photoshoot with a little extra time for sight-seeing and honey-mooning is a great idea to use your extended leave to the fullest. And why not use your photoshoot as an excuse to do something fun, spontaneous and exciting? Most photoshoots will already be scheduled at popular tourist destinations in Seoul, which gets you access directly to some of the most beautiful palaces, forests, parks and mountain areas in South Korea. Remember, multitasking between a checklist and leisure is a classic trait of millennials today.

Customizable Photoshoots to suit couples’ personalities

It’s not uncommon to see couples’ wedding shots with some of the most random items or poses; girls and guys wearing their favourite team’s football jerseys, carrying or posing with certain memorabilia that have special meaning to them. Whatever the case, each couple wants pre-wedding photos that are unique and personal to the couple themselves, and they value professional photographers willing to work with them to bring out their uniqueness in photos, not just the glamour of outer appearances.

A Celebrity for a Day or Two

No one can deny that Korean style and celebrities have a distinct and unique look. South Korea has produced talented artists, singers and TV celebrities who have influenced pop culture globally. Dressing up like your favourite Korean celebrities, being photographed by photographers who have worked with high-flying Korean stars and being pampered by celebrity-graced studios and bridal shops are all fabulous ways to feel like a celebrity, even if for a short while.

Great photos in beautiful, long-lasting formats

Korean pre-wedding studios offer great perks such as behind-the-scenes photography/videography and hundreds of high-resolution, digitally-enhanced photos in beautiful albums and frames with back-ups in digital format. Photos to share via social media and to keep as hard-copies serve as beautiful, lasting souvenirs for the couple and for friends and family to enjoy the wedding day together.


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